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Welcome to a little corner of the internet I like to call Broadway Valley. I'm Steph, a 21-year old theatre enthusiast from New Zealand, and I will be your tour guide for today. This blog contains assorted reblogs from some of my favourite shows and films, the occasional fanfic and/or textpost and sometimes even posts-a-plenty about New Zealand!

This blog will contain things that include (but are not limited to): The Almighty Johnsons, The Hobbit and LOTR, Harry Potter, Parks and Recreation, Friends, New Girl, Marvel and Suits.

More information about my blog and myself can be found in the 'About the Blog' and the 'About the Blogger links in the sidebar. Please count the number of rows to your nearest exit, ensure your seat is in a comfortable position, and we thank you for joining us today.



Some of the Hobbit actors receiving some lembas bread at the Wellington Armageddon Expo’s Hobbit panel. 

Some of the Hobbit actors receiving some lembas bread at the Wellington Armageddon Expo’s Hobbit panel. 

1 year ago
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    That’s me!!!! That is my arm holding a box of Lembas bread!!!!
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