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One day, not so long ago, in a suburb not so far away in a little corner in the South Pacific… there lived a 21 year old named Steph. She liked TV shows, musicals and movies; comedy and fanfics – both others and her own. She lived in a country called New Zealand and in her little corner of the South Pacific she created a blog, which she called Broadway Valley.

She had a fervent fondness for her fandoms – some of which included: The Almighty Johnsons, The Hobbit and LOTR, Harry Potter, Parks and Recreation, Friends, New Girl, the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Suits.

But this list was not an all-inclusive description, oh no. She created two pages: “About the Blog” and “About the Blogger” to assist any wayward visitors in advising them what else they may witness. To this day, they can be found in the right-hand side bar.

Currently watching: Masters of Sex (S2), The Leftovers (S1), Community (S5)



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